World Religions Part I: Three Options

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Part of the great diversity of humankind is the many different religions and belief systems we have developed – Animism, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Taoism, and many more. Religious beliefs have a strong influence on the culture of a community.

Question: "What are the most common world religions?" Answer: There are countless religions in the world, with most religions having sub-sects within them. generally speaking, all religions attempt to help people make sense of their purpose and existence in this world, explain what occurs in the afterlife, and declare whether or not there is a deity, and if so, how we relate to this deity.

3 Hinduism. Hinduism is the only religion where we can’t find the root of the religion or from where it begin because it is depth and the first civilized and cultured religion in the world, it is the religion where other religion came and detected us then looted our valuable books of knowledge, golds and destroyed our scientifically built monuments

World Religions Part I: Three Options CS Lewis once wrote, "Religion is man’s search for God, but Christianity is God’s search for man." Whereas Divine Revelation only allows for one true religion, I believe that all of the current religions of the world can be boiled down to only three sustainable philosophies.

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I blogged about both of these options in my last post on World Religions Part I: Three Options. As I listened to Jordan Peterson in that Korean parking lot, I was watching so many beautiful families who were smiling and walking under the Los Angeles sun.

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Study Guide for World Religions Test One Introductory Lectures – Name three things it is important to recognize and critically evaluate when we come to study a religion. Rigorous metatheroetical discourse, neutrality, phenomenology – What did emile durkheim surmise was the functional purpose of religion?

1. Christianity (General) – 2.04 Billion Followers. Most of the religious Western World (North America, Europe, and Oceania) follows this monotheistic religion based on the Bible. Above, Christian pilgrims carry wooden crosses along the Via Dolorosa during the Good Friday procession on April 22, 2011, in Jerusalem, Israel.

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