The Dangers of Undiagnosed Dementia: A Doctor’s Story

Analysis showed that those with dementia, either diagnosed or undiagnosed, were less frequently engaging in potentially unsafe activities than those with possible or no dementia. For example, about 23 percent of older adults with probable dementia were driving, compared to 59 percent with possible dementia and 84 percent with no dementia.

Below, Dr. Landsverk shares a personal story along with some wise words of. The Dangers of Undiagnosed Dementia: A Doctor's Story.

If it's found early enough, some symptoms of dementia can be treated with medication or physical therapy. Here's how doctors diagnose the.

The toddler’s blood sugar levels were in a dangerous range. Sierra wrote that she soon learned that the illness went undiagnosed because doctors “don’t typically test until [kids] are school age and.

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It’s part of a national push to rethink dementia care at a time. Yet many remain undiagnosed. An association survey showed only 16 percent are asked about their memory by primary care doctors.

Assistants in Britain’s 28,000 care homes usually require no formal training – and doctors say the training. on training staff to reduce use of dangerous antipsychotic medicine and increase social.

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Social isolation can increase the risk for poor eating, smoking, alcohol use, lack of exercise, depression, dementia, poor sleep and heart disease. Dementia (di-men-sha): A loss of brain function that can be caused by a variety of disorders affecting the brain. Symptoms include forgetfulness, impaired thinking and judgment, personality changes, agitation and loss of emotional control.

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