Property tax problems for customers of bankrupt lender

Mortgage Lender Interests. If a government forecloses a property for taxes, the property’s mortgage loan could end up greatly diminished by that foreclosure. Mortgage lender actions when borrowers end up with property tax liens can include paying off those liens or even foreclosure.

You can also apply for a loan to pay your property taxes. These loans may be obtained from a bank or a property tax lender. property tax lenders specialize in lending money to pay back taxes. However, many such lenders charge extremely high interest rates. A Tax Lawyer Can Help. The law surrounding failure to pay your property taxes is complicated and varies from state to state.

Property Taxes are statutory taxes. Because property taxes are statutory taxes, you can’t strip or discharge the tax in bankruptcy. You can only repay property taxes whether they are owned by the county, mortgage company or an investor. Property tax liens attach to the home or real property just like a super first mortgage which must be paid even before the first mortgage is paid.

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Secured Creditors – often a bank, is paid first.. A bankrupt company, the "debtor, " might use Chapter 11 of the. Once the company actually issues the newly authorized stock, the "V" will no longer appear at the end of the ticker symbol.. to report worthless securities as a loss on your income tax return.

Americans Now Owe $1 Trillion in Car Loans

Bankruptcy does not solve all debt problems | When not to file bankruptcy The idea of declaring bankruptcy, wiping out certain debts or repaying them over time with court protection-no more hassles or nasty phone calls from menacing creditors–and then moving on more or less debt free has undeniable appeal to anyone faced with overwhelming debt.

Collection of fees after bankruptcy dismissal depends on the terms of the mortgage agreement and New York state law. Bankruptcy courts keep jurisdiction to enforce their orders after dismissal. If a lender did not get a bankruptcy court to approve fees, it may not be able to collect fees when a Chapter 13 debtor’s case is dismissed.

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Barb Continue Reading Below Dear Barb, In some cases, lenders do not work with borrowers to reaffirm mortgage loans during the bankruptcy process. This causes problems for homeowners. after.