Parental abortion consent bill passes Florida House, moves in Senate

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Florida House lawmakers passed legislation Wednesday to require pregnant minors to obtain a parent’s consent before they can have an abortion. State representatives passed House Bill 1335 in a 69-44 vote on Wednesday after a lengthy and sometimes heated debate, the News Service of Florida reports.

After the idea passed the House in April but stalled in the Senate, a Republican lawmaker Tuesday began a renewed attempt to require parental consent before minors can have abortions in Florida..

The bill now moves forward to another Senate committee. Florida currently requires that a parent be notified before a girl under age 18 has an abortion. Stargel’s bill would strengthen protections for minors and their unborn babies by requiring a parent’s consent.

The bill would allow for abortions after 24 weeks to protect the physical or mental health of a patient, or in cases of diagnosed lethal fetal anomalies. The legislation would also get rid of parental.

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A Senate version of the bill (SB 1774), sponsored by Lakeland Republican Kelli Stargel, has not been heard in committees. Florida, for more than a decade, has had a law requiring parents to be.

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A bill to require consent from a parent or guardian before a girl under 18 could obtain an abortion was approved by a florida senate committee.

The bill would allow for abortions after 24 weeks in cases of diagnosed. also get rid of parental consent requirements for teens seeking an abortion.. Baker, House speaker robert deleo and Senate President Karen Spilka all. If passed , the ROE Act would build upon laws passed in recent years that.

The Republican-led House voted 69-44 largely along party lines for the bill, which now moves to the Senate where a similar bill is pending. The measure sponsored by GOP Rep. Erin Grall of Vero.