Couple Was Warned Not To Adopt Girl But Didn’t Listen — They’ll Never Be The Same

Warning the couple that the girl in the picture wasn’t right and that there was "something wrong with her," the couple persisted. But the couple weren’t going to give up that easily, and sought out the girl’s social worker.

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Married couple warned not to adopt little girl but they didn’t listen – now they’ll never be the same 04:29, 04/11/2019 T + T – Diane and Bernie Lierow have five wonderful sons and have always dreamed of extending their family.

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Older Children vs. Younger Children – Special Needs adoption. toggle navigation Login.. THe name of the game in adoption is "SURPRISE!" But everyone warned me NOT to twin my only child and I didn’t listen, thinking that his positive attitude towards the idea of this new, same-aged brother.

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Married couple didn’t listen when warned not to adopt girl – they’ll never be the same Bernie and Diane Lierow raised five boys and when the boys had grown up they decided they wanted to adopt a daughter.

Couple warned not to adopt girl but didn’t listen. They’ll never be the same. The couple asked about the girl, but the adoption agency gave them a warning.. Warning the couple that the girl in the picture wasn’t right and that there was "something wrong with her," the couple.

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