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In today’s Real Estate market homes are selling fairly quick, so it makes sense that Mr. Homeowner would think he can do it on his own without hriing a Real Estate agent. 85% of all FSBO’s end up listing with a Real Estate agent, so calling these people, mailing to them, and providing education is key to getting the Listing Appointment.

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One of the most common reasons why FSBOs fail in real estate is because the homeowner does not know how to handle the home inspection phase of the real estate transaction. The likelihood that a home inspector is going to find something wrong with any home is strong.

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8.0K Shares. One of the most common reasons why FSBOs fail in real estate is because the. A top real estate agent overtime learns how to screen potential buyers.. for any FSBO is to have a connection with a local mortgage consultant or.. things that sellers should expect when they hire a Realtor to sell their home.

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11 Reasons Why FSBO Sellers Should Hire a Real Estate Agent. to save money on a commission fee, the fact is that most potential fsbo sellers end up regretting the decision.. 8) You Don't Want To Waste Your Time With Bargain Hunters.

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