750-pound alligator in Florida removed from park by police

Police removed 32 animals from. (AP) – An alligator that eluded capture for days in a Chicago lagoon is settling in its.

A south florida police department removed a 750-pound alligator from a local park Thursday. The Jupiter Police Department removed the gargantuan creature from the Jupiter Commerce Park area, according.

 · The alligator removed from Jupiter Commerce Park Thursday was estimated to be at least 750 pounds and 100 years old by the trapper who removed it.. 750-pound alligator found in Jupiter has new.

750-pound gator who may be 100 years old removed from South Florida park.. A massive gator estimated to weigh about 750 pounds was removed from Jupiter Commerce Park and relocated to a safe area.

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Florida Cops Oust 750-Pound, 12-Foot Alligator From Public Park. He was carefully removed without harm from the area and relocated to a.

Chicago police detained. to have captured a second alligator in Humboldt Park Lagoon. One of the men told police he.

A South Florida police department removed a 750-pound alligator from a local park Thursday. The gargantuan creature was removed from the Jupiter Commerce Park area. Alligator sightings and encounters have become so common, the FWC issues a guide explaining how to coexist with the creatures.

The Humboldt Park alligator had gone. also ensure that the animal is removed humanly,” said Kelley Gandurski, director of.

Officers at the Jupiter Police Department removed a 750-pound alligator from a local park in Jupiter, Florida, on March 28. Responding to an alligator call the officers removed the 12 feet long reptile from the Commerce Park area.

A Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission trapper safely removed the 750-pound alligator from Jupiter Commerce Park after a business owner noticed it Thursday morning and called police.

Don Walters saw a 3-foot alligator in the woods looking for fishing bait and decided to take matters into his own hands and.

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NSFW Aww! Animals! JUPITER, FLORIDA – Police in Florida were called to remove a 750-pound alligator from Jupiter Commerce Park last week. A business owner near the park called on the authorities to get rid of the 12-foot long gator, The Associated Press reports.